Thai Village

In the village, life is on the street. Everybody knows everybody. It starts early in the morning when it's still dark, with women cooking food for the monks who walk around at dawn collecting their food for the day. And it ends with neighbours having their dinner together.

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Jan caught a fish  

Selling some food, a few household items and sweets.  

Preparing for a parade  

Presenting the group for a parade  

Ideas grow like flowers and explode like little stars in the brain.  

Waiting for the school to start...  


Guitar music before the school bell sounds.  

Always want a good pancake.  

Farmer on breakfast break.  

On a weekend, children play on the street all day long.  


On the way home for dinner.  

Bringing the cattle home  

Market life  

Have dinner to take away..  

... or have some home-made.  

South-east asian fruit selection.  


The groom walks to his brides home.  

Receiving wrist bands for happiness.  

First love.