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Slovakia: From Bratislava via Banská Štiavnica, Banská Bystrica, High Tatra to Košice, May 2022
Mexico 21: Maya temles, cenotes, birds, and beaches on Yucatán peninsula, December 2021
La Palma: One week of self-isolation mostly spent on the road bike, December 2020
Puglia: Clockwise around Puglia, visiting towns, cities, vineyards, and beaches, September 2020
Mexico 19: Baja Califonia Sur, Canyon del Cobre, Ciudad, Oaxaca, Chiapas, December 2019
Georgia: Mostly hiking in the mountains, and visiting Tbilisi and monasteries, July 2019
Tenerife: A week in the northern part of the island, May 2019
Malaysia: Perhentian Islands and Kota Bharu, February 2019
Morocco - South: Mountains, desert, orases and the berber villages, January 2019
Morocco - North: The old towns from Fes to Essaouira and the coastline, December 2018
Colombia 18: Road trip through Boyacá, Colombia's heartland in the east, October 2018
Singapore: Couple photo tours only, to zoo and bird park, and through china town, August 2018
Thessaloniki: Lazy weekend city life, and quiet pre-season beach town in Halkidiki, May 2018
Odessa: Odessa city life, yet empty beaches, and Dniester Nat'l Park in May 2018
Latvia: Riga, Segulda, Jurmala, and Kanieris lake at brink of spring 2018
Colombia 17: Starting in Quito, visiting cities, plains, mountains and coast in 2017/18
Lanzarote & Fuerteventura: Few days of summer searching in fall 2017
Nature, Churches, and Cities in September 2017
Cuba: Pelicans, fishermen, beaches, Havanna, lighthouse, Vinales, and the Cubans (Jan 2017)
Kyrgyzstan: Lakes, Mountains, and Dreams (Aug 2016)
Perú & Bolivia: From 0 m to 5000 m above sea level, from -15°C to 35°C (Aug 2015)
Guatemala: Land of forest, and colourful Maya culture (Jan 2015)
Indonesia: Nature, People, and Culture on Java and Bali (Feb 2014)
Vietnam: People living on boats & manufacture of rice noodles (Dec 2012)
Laos: Laos country side, Anchor Wat & Phnom Penh (2012 & 2013)
Cambodia: Laos country side, Anchor Wat & Phnom Penh (2012 & 2013)
Israel: Travelling around in Dec 2013
Ghana: Round trip in April 2013
St. Petersburg: A few days on the Neva in March/April 2010
Fireworks: Called 'Bang-fei' in Thailand (2012)
Thai Countryside: Rice-fields, farmers & Co.
Mixed: Photos from Louisiana, Kazakhstan, Italy, Singapore, Paris, Düsseldorf, Berlin (2006-12)
Chicken: Chicken life and chicken fight in Thailand
Thai Village: Impressions of village life in Thailand
Temples and Beaches: As it says, temples and beaches, in south-east Asia
Berlin: Walking around Berlin Treptower Park and Friedrichshain on spring evenings (2017)