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In 2019 we missed out on Yucatán peninsula. Outside Christmas season would have been preferred, but Covid did not leave many choices for now. So we came back with some culture but also some relaxing on the beach in mind. This worked out nicely. Also, we kinda missed Guadalajara and Tequila on last trip so we started there. We had also missed Puerto Escondido, but you always need a reason to come back. In Yucatán there was a lot to enjoy, Mérida and Valladolid are both quite nice. Impressive ruins all around. They get better with the distance form Cancún, cause less people and less restrictions to climb. So Calakmul was the best, including Chicanna and Becan in the vicinity. We tried the different types of Cenotes. Swimming in an underground cave was a great experience. Los Rapidos in Bacalar was most beautiful, and a boat trip on the lake a lot of fun with free drinks. Rio Lagartos was the best spot of the holiday, with the mangroves, the wildlife, the fisher village San Felipe, the pink lakes in Las Coloradas, and good fresh sea food. Holbox, OK, quite touristy, but still nice for some beaching.