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Two weeks is of course too short for a country with so many islands. Also after life was a bit stressful in this fall of 2022, focus was supposed to be on relaxing on the beach. To add a little variety, we added a stop in the Cordillera, to view UN protected rice terraces. They are still passed down to the oldest sibling, and are just about enough to feed a family. The sheer size of the Batad fields is mind blowing. It takes hours to cross for inexperienced people, and a few drops of sweat to conquer the elevation in this tropical climate. Then, of course, one day was spent in Manila, that has some history and a couple of interesting spots for visitors. The island stops were Coron town, from where you can do boat tours for swimming and snorkeling, then beautiful Nacpan Beach somewhat away from the crowds in El Nido, and lastly Las Cabanas Beach, nice but a bit too crowded with backpackers already.